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Tim Rideout's multimedia production facility has a one-stop-shop approach to audio, video and New Media creation

Owned and operated by award-nominated Canadian composer and producer Tim Rideout, FibiiMedia offers a specialized "boutique studio" experience with a complete multimedia production chain from conception to mastering.



FibiiMedia's services are provided by:

  • FibiiSonic : music composition and audio production
  • FibiiFilms : video production and picture editing
  • Fibii Atlantic : music composition and audio production in Atlantic Canada
  • TimRideout.com : critically acclaimed multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer


While using the latest production technologies and tools, FibiiMedia maintains a strong commitment to fostering collaborative, creative and personal relationships with its clients.

Producer and founder Tim Rideout's client roster includes independent artists and large corporations alike, featuring such names as Ember Swift, the CBC, Global Television, The SciFi Channel, Ubisoft, Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus and Universal.

Featured Video

Neuroblaste Editor's Commentary

Hear post-production supervisor Tim Rideout's walk-through of the creative process for Neuroblaste, a sci-fi web series produced by Radio-Canada.

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